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Remote Metadata Services

The management of your digital assets are only as strong as your metadata.

You can have the best digital asset management system known to DAM, but if your metadata is weak or entry is lagging, a return on investment bottleneck begins to emerge and your assets will not reach the teams that need them.

Remote Metadata
Metadata Standards & Schemas
Whether you have too many or not enough, we can help.
Metadata Research
Needs assessment, reviewing metadata standards, optimization and simplification of existing or upcoming metadata for your business.
Data about data describing attributes of a digital asset, its contents or the use of it.
Metadata Creation / Metadata Tagging
Creating metadata and applying it for each of your digital assets
Taxonomy Creation
Building a hierarchy of related terms for your digital assets.
Curating a user-generated system of classifying and organizing online content into different categories.
Showing deeper relationships, properties and functions between entities or concepts.
Applying accurate, relevant and consistent keywords to each digital asset.
Metadata Workforce
Keyworder, Metatagger, Labeler, Metadata professionals, Keywording professionals.
Metadata Management
Checking, correcting, curating, creating, normalizing, standardizing and testing of metadata.
Metadata Audit
Periodic reviews of metadata accuracy, consistency, usage and effectiveness.
Metadata Scrubbing
Cleanup efforts on metadata.
Metadata Governance
Overall review and rules to ensure continued effectiveness of metadata.

Remote Synthetic Media Services

Our Synthetic Media service focuses on advertising, marketing, content creation, and messaging.

We provide comprehensive services to support your business by utilizing Synthetic Media to quickly shift costly production, physical cameras and real-world sets to something that empowers anyone to create high-quality video and image content.

Synthetic Media
Synthetic Content Creation
2D / 3D
Mixed Reality
Virtual Reality
Extended Reality
Augmented Reality

Remote Consulting Services

The fastest way to get your DAM questions answered and speed up your time to market.

Figuring out digital asset management with remote consulting can be the expertise you are missing for your investment in DAM to minimize bottlenecks and pitfalls for your teams.

Remote Consulting
Advising on Digital Asset Management to help meet your business goals.
Assistance when selecting, testing, implementing, and improving your DAM.
Assessments, gap analysis, maturity models, and next steps for your Digital Asset Management strategy.
Assisting with Rights Management and IP licensing.
Effective creating, deduplicating, managing, and/or migrating digital assets with metadata.
Finding experienced DAM staff or contractors, for interim projects, temp to perm or full-time.
Integrating DAM with other systems.
Applying governance to your DAM that works without being a bottleneck.
Getting metadata standards and metadata applied to all digital assets.
Improving process efficiency and increasing user adoption.
Publications to better understand the topics on hand.
Webinars to bring awareness and education about DAM for your business.
Adding DAM into your Digital Transformation from strategy to operational reality.

Remote Talent Services

Remove DAM talent constraints and pursue a wider range of projects.

A high level of DAM expertise and technology can be quickly brought to bear on your project. My DAM Services has the best talent around and doesn’t limit hiring to/from any location.

Staffing & Recruitment
Temporary Contractors
Temp to Permanent
Permanent Staff
Job Fulfillment / Specialized Talent
DAM Professionals
Metadata Professionals
Remote Talent

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